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Born on the 30th of the month? Numerology reveals the strengths and challenges of the 30 Birth Day. in perspective. Look up another Birth Day number +.
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Since people who are born under the number 30 are natural people pleasers, they go out of their way to assist others in need.


Doing this all the time can affect their own happiness. They also tend to avoid conflict if at all possible, which can lead to a meek attitude and living life where others take control. This goes against the independent structure of 30, and can make a person very uneasy if they allow the negative side of the number to take control.

This can be avoided easily by sticking to hobbies that allow you to be creative without the instruction or demands of others. Take the time you need to absorb yourself in a favorite book, learn a new craft, or even take a language-learning class. If you are born under the number 30, then you are a very lucky soul. This number is very independent, people-pleasing, and creative, and can help you in many ways.

Live by the positive side of this number, and you can always be happy in life.

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One of your unusual talents is plants growing. Landscaping as well as interior designer are deals for you. You are rather temperamental person.

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That is why your mood changes often. Sometimes you turn moody.

Birthday Number 30 – Job and Career

There is a tendency to give yourself to social life, but not to development of your talents. You need to focus on your aims and important aspects. Learn to be disciplined.

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The Meaning of Your Birth Date Number in Numerology

Trivial matters are not worth your time and precious energy. Remember about your priorities and follow your plan. Numerology Software Review Home Articles.

Birthday Number 30 Tweet. Your advantages People who were born on this day are very creative.

Your imperfections You are rather temperamental person.