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Check the full astrology profile of someone born under February 16 zodiac, which presents the Aquarius sign facts, love compatibility.
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This cusp empowers you to take safe, traditional measures when it comes to investing your money. You are unlikely to be burnt or lose your money through speculative investments. The astrological charts indicate that you need to be careful about deficit health disorders. In addition, you are prone to insomnia, restlessness, and tension.

The February 16 zodiac people are ingenious lovers. You have a way with words. You come across as a passionate lover. You are gentle, and you prefer your romantic relationships to grow out of platonic friendships. For the more sociable Aquarius, you gain lovers quite easily. Also, you tend to lose them as fast as you get them.

Sun enters Sagittarius

You are likely to get involved from an early age. Essentially, this means that you will have many partners in your lifetime. Be careful, though, that you do not get heartbroken by the disappointments of this lifestyle. Go about this by ensuring that your partners get to know you systematically. Do not let them in on your personality at one go. The charts show that you have a soft heart for partners who mirror your qualities.

These are likely to be born under the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. These partners are a good match for you. They are able to understand and appreciate your eccentricities. Our advice is that you need to keep away from any romantic relationships with Scorpios. A close look at the stars shows that you are least compatible with a person born under this zodiac sign.

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A relationship between you and them will definitely be tumultuous. This is something you would want to avoid for the sake of your health. The February 16 zodiac people are fiercely independent thinkers. They like designing their own path. You do not entertain any attempts at brainwashing.

This does not mean that you are strongly opinionated about everything. It is just that you feel confident judging things for yourself. Additionally, you have some strong causes that you pursue on behalf of humanity. You are greatly involved in humanitarian endeavors. You are a naturally charming person. In fact, you can easily charm your way into the hearts of any crowd. People appreciate you for the fact that you are always willing to extend your support. This is one reason why others listen to you. They value your words. However, you have a few personality flaws that you need to be on the lookout for.

For example, you tend to do things based on impulses. Granted, this trait is not confined to you but is exhibited by most Aquarius. Nonetheless, watch out that it does not unravel your good reputation.

February 16 Zodiac Sign

Also, you are prone to mood swings. Being temperamental will not serve your larger societal goals. Remain focused on your humanitarian agenda. The world needs you. All in all, you are undeniably quite gifted. You have all the ingredients you need to succeed in your endeavors. To achieve this, quickly zero in on your challenges and deal with them decisively. You are in the 3rd decan of Aquarius. In this decan are those born between February 10 and February The planet Venus rules people in this decan.

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Just like this planet, they display certain qualities that are characteristic of Aquarius. For example, you are passionate, considerate, and affectionate. You are very much into socializing. You have a great affinity for other people. You will be found engaging different groups in intellectual talks. This helps you to gain different perspectives of the world.

In addition, you are a peaceable person. This isn't an easy question for some people to answer.

You might be one of the many people who were born at the very beginning or very end of your zodiac sign! No matter your birth date, there's only one answer -- no one actually has two signs.

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Kpop Idols Birthday List + Zodiac sign : Which Kpop idol’s birthday do you share?

But if you were born within a few days of the Sun's move from one zodiac sign to the next, this means you were born on the cusp , and you might feel an influence from two different signs. Each cusp period has a name that reflects the distinct energy it carries. If you're born on the cusp, you might find that you possess personality traits from your neighboring sign. For instance, people born under Aries, but on the Aries-Taurus cusp, often make great leaders. Either way, being born on the cusp can give you a variety of qualities that can blend and shine in different ways.

The Most Compatible Astrological Signs

Learning about both the blessings and the curses of your cusp helps you embrace your interesting -- and sometimes complicated -- self! Cusps are controversial in the Astrology world! This is a concept that has been questioned and considered repeatedly. While some astrologers utilize cusps in their practices, most do not.

But if a person is born on the cusp, and truly feels the influence of two signs, how can that be explained? Our astrologer Maria Desimone offers some insight:. The concept of sign cusps not only dilutes the meaning of the Sun sign in the horoscope, but it makes absolutely no mathematical sense.